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Free Video Joiner 8.8

Combines multiple videos into a single one
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Join together as many videos as you wish into a large file and convert the result into a variety of formats including AVI, MP4, MOV, or WMV.

Those in search of a free and extremely simple software tool that is able to merge video files into a larger file in just one click, will find Free Video Joiner to be exactly what they’ve been looking for. As a bonus, this application also converts the resulting video in any of the most widely used video formats on the fly.

Its one-window interface couldn’t be simpler. It comes with just the buttons required to add video files to the join list, select the output format required, the destination folder, and launch the merging process. No other settings or actions – except for the possibility of changing the order of the elements on the list – are available. This extreme level of simplicity may come as a blessing for those who are content with quick and straightforward merging processes, while others will find this total lack of customization features a serious drawback.

The results are not always satisfactory in terms of quality, and there is nothing a user can do about it. The formats supported are popular enough to attract all kinds of users (AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, or DVD), which is also true of the various device-based profiles provided (iPhone, PSP, iPod, or Zune). However, you never know what the resulting video will look like, its size, its overall quality, bit rate, etc. All you can do is try and see if the merged video file fits the requirements of your device or video player and your own preferences. You’ll have to do that on your own device or video player, though, as the program lacks also a player of its own.

I don't like being critical of a free tool that nobody forces you to use, but I must say that I see very little use in Free Video Joiner the way it works now. It is a free program, but it's not the only free program on the market that can merge your video files in a fast and simple way. There are plenty, and many of them will also treat you with a long list of other media-related features and capabilities.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Supports the most popular video formats
  • Re-encodes the merged file on the fly


  • Total lack of information about the output quality
  • No customization features whatsoever
  • No video player to preview the final file
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